Recently we were able to connect with Rob Rodriques of Modern Redevelopers, Inc. He is Brownstone RG’s newest Fast Track /Joint Venture Student. Rob is highly motivated and focused on reaching his goals in real estate. He has a great mind for business and the founders of Brownstone RG, Chris Coute and Kim Harrington say it’s been a pleasure to work with Rob, he’s doing an awesome job of taking action and getting after his goals!  So good to see!  They look forward to helping him reach his goals.

Rob began the program in January of 2018. It’s been about a month and we wanted to check in with him to see how things are going…

How has the last month been working with Brownstone?

“It has been very exciting and I’m looking forward to completing the course! I like meeting with Kim and Chris in the field. Then following up with videos online helps bring it all together.”

What have you spent the bulk of your time doing?

“I’ve gone to over 15 REIA meetings and training sessions in my area within the past two months to help me learn as much as possible while growing my network. I’ve reached out to over a dozen active REO agents who are sending me properties to look at. I’ve been to 3 REO properties in the past 10 days to practice comps and repair estimates. I’m hoping to get a deal while I’m practicing because I know if I look at a certain amount of houses that I will find a deal. I’m currently trying to figure out how to use Realeflow to create a data base of leads to start a mailing campaign. I want to add my own leads and build it myself because I want quality leads. I’m going to add properties that I’m researching anyway such as pre-foreclosures, auctions, high equity, ect.”

As part of the Brownstone RG Fast Track/Joint Venture program, Brownstone RG will source a project so students get fast, hands on experience in the rehabbing of a property. They become the project manager on the deal AND earn a percentage of the profit when the subject property is sold!

Are you currently working on a project?

I’m going to be starting a project with Chris Coute next week at 272 Main St Dighton MA 02715. I’m looking forward to work with Chris Coute who is one of the people who started it all. It’s exciting to be part of the whole process. I can’t wait to see the final product.”

What have you found most helpful working with the Senior Project Manager?

“Knowing that I’m working with someone who has done this type of work and is currently being successful has given me confidence in myself. I trust Brownstone so I know they will help me make the big decisions when it comes time. I know that I have support and a group that I can count on. This is a new relationship so I know it will continue to grow and its been a better start than I could have imagined.”

What is your biggest take away so far?

“Learning to comp houses properly and estimating repairs correctly are the most important aspects of this business. One saying rings out to me that I’ve heard once. “You make your profit when you buy the property!” I look at houses on line every day to learn as much as I can while I’m at my current job as an operations manager. I’m out looking during the weekends on my days off of work.”

Seems like Rob is having an exciting, educational experience so far. We are excited to do a rehab tour at his upcoming project in Dighton! Keep an eye out on this blog to learn about how Rob progresses as well as from other Brownstone RG Fast Track/Joint Venture students.