We recently caught up with Brownstone Fast Track Joint Venture Partners Ed Abrams and Elisee LaBrecque to check on their progress. Here’s what they had to say:

How has it been working with Brownstone?

The Fast Track Joint Venture program has exceeded our expectations. Chris, Danyl, and Kim are amazing mentors and teachers and truly enjoyable people to spend time with. The knowledge that we have acquired in the past few months will last a lifetime. This program offers a spectacular return on investment.

What have you spent the bulk of your time doing?

The Brownstone team has taught us that finding deals should be our priority. We are networking with attorneys, real estate agents, architects, and everyone in our sphere to find deals. In addition we are looking at MLS deals, short sales, and auctions. We are actively making offers and recently got a single family home in Arlington under agreement.

Are you currently working on a project?

Yes. Our project is 88 Dean Street in Norton. We look forward to hosting a rehab tour on Saturday July 21st from 11-2.

What have you found most helpful working with the Senior Project Manager?

Danyl Collings is a terrific Senior Project Manager and Trainer. He has taught us to prioritize the renovations that maximize profit.

What is your biggest take away so far?

Finding profitable deals is the biggest challenge in the development business. If you can find a profitable deal, you can find the money. Last, but not least, take action!

Great to hear that another group of students are doing fantastic within their first few months of working with Brownstone!  We wish Ed and Elisee continued success!