Details on Our Rehab and Redevelopment Division

Brownstone Realty Group is the most trusted name in redevelopment within New England. We specialize in transforming distressed properties into beautiful homes that shine with quality craftsmanship.

Brownstone Realty Group is a well-established rehabbing company who prides themselves on the quality tradespeople they employ in every facet of the remodeling business. We demand more from our team, so the final product is done right, every time. Within our work, we focus on maintaining the charm of New England’s architecture, while providing the distinguished custom finishes people love.

If you have ever considered getting into the residential rehabbing business then we have an opportunity for you. Many have considered getting involved, but have had no idea how to start. Whether you have struggled to find a distressed project, have had trouble funding it, or don’t know how to manage the rehab – they can help! Give Brownstone Realty Group a Call Today.

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