Joint Venture Training Program

If you have ever considered getting into real estate investing, flipping houses, or developing a six-figure business working for yourself, then we have an opportunity for you. Many have considered getting involved in flipping houses, but have had no idea how to start. Whether you have struggled to find a distressed project, have had trouble funding it, or don’t know how to manage the rehab – We can help! Don’t let the process overwhelm you any longer. Our Fast Track Joint Venture Training Program© (FTJVP) will get you over any hurdles you may have encountered in the past as a beginner real estate investor. Our training program is different than all others as we will source the first deal for the student, team you up with a Senior Project Manager who will train you on all aspects of rehabbing. This is a high end, exclusive program focusing our time and resources on the success of our Joint Venture Students. Therefore, Brownstone RG only accepts 3-4 Joint Venture Students per quarter.

Flipping Houses – The Opportunity

Do you want to start flipping houses or build your house flipping business, but struggle with putting all the pieces together? We’ve been there! We can help guide you through the process of completing a successful rehab. Having trouble finding the initial deal? We’ll help with that too! Sign up with our Fast Track Joint Venture Program© (FTJVP) and we will give you your first deal so you can get started right away, and we’ll work with you throughout the project, guiding you to success in your first house flip!

flipping houses with the joint venture program
This is the best experience that I have had in my lifetime.. I’m so glad that I stumbled onto this and I stumbled onto Kim and Chris, I highly recommend, it is the best experience that you will have in a lifetime don’t pass it up! Maura B.

Joint Venture Partner

Whats Holding You Back?

How It Works

First, this is an exclusive program focusing our time and resources on the success of our Joint Venture partners.  Therefore,  Brownstone RG only accepts 3-4 Joint Venture Partners per quarter.  Once you have been accepted as a Joint Venture Partner, we start with a short training program comprised of real time and/or webinar based education… where we cover the basics of marketing, rehabbing, and basic tips on flipping houses.  We will source your first deal for you and team you up with a Senior Project Manager who will work with you side by side so you learn all aspects of a rehab so you will be able to manage your own projects in the future.  

Project Management

Let the Fun Begin! Along with the residential real estate rehabbing training program, we will source a project so you can get fast, hands on experience in the rehabbing of a property. You will become the project manager on the deal AND you will earn a percentage of the profit when the subject property is sold! We will work with you throughout the project so you can learn best practices and add to your arsenal of Experience, Contacts & Understanding! During the project management phase of the program – you will have access to our weekly project meetings and we will do, at minimum, a weekly project call with you, to answer any questions you have and provide you with the support you need on the project. We manage all the “back office” aspects of the deal (insurance, utilities, payments to GC/subs, etc.)! We provide you with the connections you will need – our contacts within the business – from agents to contractors and trades people, to mortgage reps and attorneys – all to assist you moving your own business forward!

Project Cost

Please keep in mind that the initial program investment is set to encourage participation. We have set-up our structure whereby there is an initial financial investment required by our FTJV partner in return for the education and hands on training that will occur. This includes the opportunity to act as Project Manager on a project that is provided by Brownstone, in order to gain significant experience in the field. In return for this initial investment and the time and effort dedicated by the FTJV partner on the project, they will receive a percentage (%) of the profit when the property is sold. This percentage (%) will allow the FTJV partner to make back a significant portion of their initial investment. As our Fast Track Joint Venture Partner, you will share in the upside of the project WITHOUT the financial risk of funding the deal yourself.

Are you ready to learn more about flipping houses? Sign up with our Fast Track Joint Venture Program© program or give Brownstone Realty Group a Call Today (857)-293-0741!

We know that much of the information regarding this business can be confusing. We are here to help! Additionally, it can be difficult to get clear understanding of the process and what we offer, so PLEASE DO NOT HESITATE contacting us or call directly (857)-293-0741 at your convenience. Kim Harrington

Director of Joint Venture Program

Hear what people are saying!

Great teachers don’t just educate, they inspire. Thank you so much Brownstone! Anthony P.

Joint Venture Partner

Before I started the program I had no idea what I was doing.. Now I have a list of 50 properties that I found MYSELF using the tools they’ve showed me Nicole D.

Joint Venture Partner

Its just the gut feeling of working with someone good-hearted, trusting them to do the right thing, I love that! Vito N.

Joint Venture Partner

Working with Brownstone and going through their educational program has been a wonderful and priceless experience. I have learned so much on the entire process of “flipping” a home. Brownstone has afforded me the opportunity to work in a field that I truly enjoy…I can’t say enough how valuable my time with Brownstone has been…They are a group of hard working professionals with a passion for real estate and a willingness to share their knowledge and passion…A Top Notch Group of Professionals. Jerry L.

Joint Venture Partner

Thanks to Brownstone’s training programs, we were able to hit the ground running with our new real estate investing business. Our business has just passed the one year threshold and we’ve successfully completed 4 rehab projects and have another 4 in progress! We can truly say that we wouldn’t be anywhere close to where we are without the education and mentoring we received from Kim, Chris and the entire Brownstone team. Keri A.

Joint Venture Partner

I can honestly say that the last year has not only been a great educational process, but also quite fulfilling and rewarding. BRG has experts in every aspect of real estate and this is what makes the experience so rewarding. If I don’t have an answer, there is someone who does. Resources are one of the most important assets in the real estate business and Brownstone Realty Group has that covered. Chris C.

Joint Venture Partner

Brownstone’s support and education have contributed directly to my success as a real estate investor. They know the business inside and out, and do a phenomenal job teaching others how to find success as well. I’ve been in the rehabbing business for 5 years now and to this day, I continue to gain education and momentum from their coaching and training! Kim K.

Joint Venture Partner

Whats Holding You Back?

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