Bird Dog Bonus Program

Find us a property that we purchase and we will reward you with $1,000.00 CASH or more!

We are NOT looking for leads that are already listed on all of the standard listing and 3rd party syndication websites such as,, Trulia, Zillow, etc. What we are looking for and will provide this bonus for is those off the market opportunities which you may have unique knowledge of. If you know of anyone in distress, being foreclosed upon, having an estate sale, etc. we would love the opportunity to speak with them to see if there is the possibility of buying their home. While these photos and examples do not represent all of the scenarios, they do highlight what we are looking for in those “off the beaten path” opportunities which you may have unique knowledge of. For simply setting us up with such an opportunities that we purchase* (see details below), we will pay you $1000.00.

Cash Offer Form


“My neighbor is upside down in his mortgage and looking for someone to buy it. It needs some repair, but he cannot afford it.”



“I want to sell my home directly to avoid paying a Realtor commission”

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