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Beware of Snakes

Towns and their Finicky Governments.

Brownstone Blogs

6 Tricks To Finding House-Flipping Deals

Check out some quick How-To’s on how to grab profitable house-flipping deals.

Brownstone Blogs

Attending Housing Auctions

Looking for a highly-competitive sport to relive your glory days, but your knees just don’t work like they used to? Try attending real estate auctions!

Brownstone Blogs

How To Find Rehab Deals Without Any Real Estate Knowledge

Not everyone can rehab houses, but ANYONE can find rehab deals.

Brownstone Blogs

Picking The Design of a House For Market

Never, ever formica countertops. Not even once.

Brownstone Blogs

The Top 5 Mistakes First Time Rehabbers Make

Learn why so many lose everything trying to make it in the rehabbing industry.

Brownstone Blogs

How To Prepare And Host Open Houses

Everyone wants a frenzy of interest when they put their house on the market, learn how!

Brownstone Blogs

How To Deal With Asbestos In Your Flips

Every rehabber fears ending up with a massive asbestos mess, but there are ways to combat the nasty stuff!

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